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Evolution of The Wedding Dress

Evolution of The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress has traveled a long way and has reflected the lifestyle, tastes, trends as well as social and political affairs of the society throughout its journey. The white wedding dress as we so see today in women’s clothing online sites, is, however, a relatively new trend.

If you look at photographs or paintings from the Middle Ages, you wouldn’t find the iconic white dress. Brides earlier wore the best dress on their wedding day, irrespective of the colors. Today’s traditional shade of white became popular in the 19th century when Queen Victoria got married in a white dress that changed bridal history.

In the early 90’s, during World War I, wedding dresses were more practical and less glamorous, with many brides opting to wear a wedding suit instead of a gown. The 1940’s witnesses a more conservative, floor-length white gowns which covered the shoulders and often featured a square neckline.

Narrow waists and a fullness in the skirts became popular in the post-war era and was introduced by designer Christian Dior. Then came the 1960’s, a time when free spirits and short skirts took over fashion. This was also a time when many young designers took the lead in the fashion industry.

The bridal fashion saw a shift from floor-length dresses to shorter hemline and it got all the more casual when we entered into the 1970’s. An era of hippie lifestyles and looks, the 70’s brides gave away the flowing dresses, precious decoration and lowered necklines, and chose a more casual attire like a skirt and top instead of a full-length gown.

When the world moved into color photographs, we also moved into the bridal fashion of long trains. Princess Diana’s wedding dress, which was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, had a 25-foot train, puffed sleeves and 10,000 pearls, was a clear reflection of that decade which attached a lot of importance to all things grand and exuberant. It also brought back the full skirt and tight waist trend of the bygone times.

The 1990’s brought a freshness in the neckline designs. Covered shoulders were replaced by bare shoulders. Brides wanted to play with colors and many wedding dresses marked the presence of colors other than white juxtaposed or combined in ombre with the traditional white.

As we entered the 21st century, lace and figure-hugging wedding dresses gained popularity. Wedding dresses today available on women’s clothing online range from minimalist to risqué, Mermaid bottoms, illusion necklines and trumpet silhouettes reign supreme in today’s bridal fashion.