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Highlights from the Paris Couture Fashion Week 2018!

Highlights from the Paris Couture Fashion Week 2018!

Another season of the ‘ultimate’ Paris Couture Fashion Week has gone by, and the top style picks from the fashion week has already spilled out in the streets, all over the world.

 The ensembles showcased at the fashion week are brainchild of the best designers of our world, but, that doesn’t mean that the top styles are just meant for the runways. Many trends can easily find a place in your collection and make the roads of your city, your own runway!

Here are the highlights from the Paris Couture Fashion week 


Capes in every guise, a  shrug over a pair of black trousers or a flowy floor length ensemble that elevates your regular party dress, capes can totally lift your attire and your spirit. 


Sparkly boots showed in at almost every show at the Paris fashion week. Boots have been with us since ages, but, Paris brought them with all kinds of embellishments and sequences. 


The runways saw several models wearing lovely dresses gilded with features. The highlight was the shimmering sequin silver dress with a feathered fringe during the Givenchy Haute Couture show. 

3D printing technology 

Iris Van Herpen took a different path and showcased a lineup inspired by Biblical natural forces, with designs mimicking crashing waves, gusts pf winds, gentle streams, desert dunes and even climbing ferns that were created using 3D printing technology. 

Cage Dresses 

Nothing depicts surrealism better than Dior. Dior translated the paradoxical situations existing in this world through fashion with its models walking the ramp with wispy square mass rimming their eyes and bird cage corsets. Dior highlighted cage dresses and touched upon feminism in its own surreal style.


The best fashion moments were not limited to the runways, the show-goers also did their part by giving us a some stupendous fashion moments on the Parisian streets. Everything from ballerina tule skirts, sequin party dresses and denim, a lot fo denim gave the onlookers some serious outfit inspiration. Denim in all styles, from cut off shorts, to flared pants and skirts brightened up the streets of Paris. 

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