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How to Stay Fashionable this Winter?

How to Stay Fashionable this Winter?

Wearing oversized sweat shirts or sweaters and spending your day snuggled up under the blanket with your pet is something we all want to do during winters. But, life is tough and we need to get up, get dressed and slay everyday! “What to wear today?” answer to this question somehow becomes all the more difficult to find during winters. After all, balancing style and warmth in the right proportions isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

So here’s a post to help you stay glamorous during the chilly days. 

Layer it up :

Layering yourself with the best winter garments is the best way to beat the harsh winds while also making the style statement. When it comes to layers, there are so many options available at online boutiques in Australia. Turtlenecks, under a sweater or under a jacket, accessorised by a nice scarf, will keep you warm. So will a dress or skirt over a pair of leggings or knee length boots.

Corporate Avatar : 

So you have to grab drinks with your buddies after work and you need to wear something that suits both situations. You cannot obviously put on something haughty as a formal prom dress. How about your usual midi dress or pencil skirt that you often wear to work but this time pop it up with a jacket with colors and prints. Now, you must be getting nauseated putting on your same winter coat day after day. Add new life to your coat by simply belting it up! 

Make scarfs your best friend :

You will be surprised to see the numerous ways in which your regular scarf can be worn. You can go retro this winter by tying a scarf around your neck or belted on top of your jacket. You can wear the scarf around your shoulders like a cape or even wrap it around you like a dress. Scarfs are trending and they can never go out of fashion. So no matter how many scarfs you buy from online boutiques, you will definitely find a way to look chic with them. 

If you still feel like you don’t have anything to wear this winter (something that is ought to happen), check out From formal prom dresses to stylish casual outfits for a coffee date, you’ll find everything you need here!