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Wedding dresses of the century captured in photographs by Wal Richards!

Wedding dresses of the century captured in photographs by Wal Richards!

Wedding is a grand affair and probably the most important day of a bride’s life. We expect everything to be perfect  - the perfect venue, perfect band and of course  the perfect wedding dress. There’s something undeniably magical about going to a fancy boutique and trying on a thousand dresses while giggling with friends and sipping champagne. But for many brides, this is not possible due to time shortage. Relying on women’s clothing online shops is the most lucrative option for such brides. However, there are a number of things to consider if you plan to buy your wedding dress online.

1. Pay attention to the fabric 

Once a particular design attracts you, pay special attention to its fabric before placing an order. Sometimes, the dress can look extremely beautiful online, but look really ugly when it finally reaches you and then you realise why it was so cheap. Using lower quality fabrics are the most common way through which sellers sell their outfits at lower prices. 

2. Size matters a lot 

The best way to ensure that you purchase a perfect fit is to order from a website where you have shopped earlier. Different shops have different size guides, hence it often happens that a size S in one shop is L in another. The best route to take is to buy from a website which has a detailed size guide and offer exchanges.

 3. Know your body type

 You might fall in love with a certain wedding dress, but the look is not the only thing you should consider. You should go for a dress that suits your body type and doesn’t deviate from your usual style. 

4. Clear all your doubts 

A wedding dress is no ordinary purchase. There should be enough dialogue between you and the online shop to ensure complete transference. Clear all your doubts and ask all the questions you have. Clear communication will lead you to your ideal dress! 

5. Time the order properly 

Exchanges or returns are common when buying online from women’s clothing online stores. Hence, check delivery time with the seller and keep ample time for exchanges or alteration before the big day. If your dress is being custom made or shipped from abroad, this is especially important.

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